So Long For Now

I’ve put off writing this post for a couple of weeks now, because to write it makes it so very real. After 3 years of blogging, I’ve decided to say goodbye to The Risky Kids. It hasn’t been an easy decision, but several factors have combined to make this the best decision for me, you, and my family.

As some of you know, The Risky Kids isn’t my only blog. I’ve been blogging over at Just Like The Number for over 8 years, which is the equivalent of 80 in Internet Years. So I know a thing or two about blogging, and how to determine whether or not a blog has growth potential. I started The Risky Kids to share my passion about play and to build a community around parents that wanted to raise happy, independent kids without irrational fear or paranoia about the world around them. My hope was that in creating a niche blog such as this, I would find an audience with whom this content resonated with, and that over time it would grow.

I have most definitely found an audience. I’ve interacted with many of you through discussions here and on social media, and you’ve inspired me just as much (okay, probably more) as I hope I’ve inspired you. However, The Risky Kids just hasn’t grown the way I’ve wanted it to.

I could continue to plod along and post here and there, but that’s never been my style. I wouldn’t feel like I was giving you my best, and I’m not cool with that.

I could continue to produce content as I have been, but in order to give you my best, I have to continue to put significant time and effort into each post. I’ve found that it’s getting harder and harder to do so. It requires a hefty amount of time to plan, execute, photograph and write good posts, time that I don’t necessarily have. It has to come from somewhere, and it ends up coming from personal and family time.

I’m also finding that as my kids are getting older, they aren’t always so keen on doing things for the main purpose of producing great content for the blog. Sure, they still love nature hikes and geocaching and doing 50 Dangerous Things. But they don’t necessarily want me to photograph every moment and put it on the Internet. Often, they ask if we can just do something to do it for fun, not for a blog post. I only get one shot at this parenting gig, and I don’t want to mess up great moments for the sake of page views.

While I’ve never done this for the money, the hard truth is that without any source of income, a blog is really just a creative hobby. And that’s great! There’s nothing wrong with that! But when I take a good, hard look at the amount of time I spend writing for both blogs, and maintaining separate social media accounts for both, I’m spending entirely too much time on my hobby. It’s less of a hobby, and more of a part-time job for which I earn significantly less than minimum wage. That’s not to knock blogging. It is what it is, and I’m not bitter at all. I just need to be more mindful about how I spend the precious hours I am given in this life.

The tricky part is, I still have a great passion for play. I still have a great passion for the kinds of parenting topics I’ve covered here, and will continue to face. I still love to take photographs and write. And so while this is goodbye for this particular space, it’s not a complete goodbye. As I did before I started The Risky Kids, I’ll continue to write about these topics as I’m inspired to do so over at Just Like The Number. While I understand that the range of topics I write about there might not be of interest to all of you, I hope you’ll consider subscribing, either via an RSS reader or email. I’d love to see you over there!

For the time being, this space isn’t going anywhere, so you can continue to reference old posts as needed. I just won’t be posting any new material. Like many of you, I’m finding great enjoyment from Instagram, which is essentially a mini-blog of our escapades. I’d love for you to follow me on Instagram (I’m @AngieSix) and stay connected with me that way.

Finally, I just want to thank each and every one of you for reading, sharing your stories and ours, and cheering us on. It’s been so much fun, and you’ve made me a better parent. I hope you’ll continue to play The Risky Kid way: less worry, more fun. In the end, risky play is everyone’s business. Play on, friends!




Surviving Snow Days & Winter Weekends

Snow day ideas and winter activities for kids to help you survive those long winter weekends and days off from school. WARNING: some of our ideas our messy, some are unconventional, but ALL of them are fun!

Winter break might be over, but we’re still many weeks away from getting a break from winter. Here in the Midwest, we’re in the middle of yet another cold and icy January. My kids have gone to a whopping 2 full days of school since the middle of December!

Search Pinterest and you’ll find a plethora of ideas for keeping the kids entertained through the winter.  Those are all well and good, but we know that sometimes all those crafty, snuggly, educational ideas are just too much: too much effort, too much planning, too much forced family fun.  Instead, we came up with a few ideas to enjoy those inevitable snow days and winter weekends The Risky Kid way.  WARNING: some of our ideas our messy, some are unconventional, but ALL of them are fun!

Sleep In


Sure, you can jam-pack your winter days with outings and activities.  You can try to keep to as normal a schedule as possible.  We suggest the polar opposite (yes, I went there).  Stay in bed as long as possible.  And then stay in your pj’s as long as possible.  “I wish I hadn’t spent so much of my life in pants with elastic waistbands.” said no one ever.  My friend Lisa tells her kids to leave them alone in the morning if the door is closed.  When our kids were smaller and less prone to sleeping in, we’d offer a cash incentive to let us sleep in.  Even if you have little ones, you can still catch a few minutes of extra zzz’s, just use my friend Kelly M.’s brilliant idea: charge up your phone, Kindle, iPad, etc. and leave it near your bed.  When the kids toddle in let them play with them while you snooze a little longer.  Best use of screen time ever!

Play With Your Food


The kids have probably spent more meals than they’d like over the holidays sitting nicely at the table in scratchy clothes.  Reward them by letting them play with their food for once. Turkeys are on sale, too. I hear they make great bowling balls!

If, like us, the weather is a little less conducive to turkey bowling, play with your food inside.  Blowing up marshmallows in the microwave is always a big hit. Grab a few plastic shower caps at the dollar or beauty store. They’re perfect for a cheese poof toss! It’s such a silly game, you’re guaranteed laughs. And if you only give the kids a few cheese poofs to toss at a time, you won’t have a mess on your hands, either.

Just helping me out with a cheesy blog post for @bedtimemath (coming soon)!


Make a Mess


Magic Potion Lab

As much as it kills the neat freak in me, I’m giving my kids a holiday from being super tidy. Allow a few days for all the toys and holiday gifts to be spread around in all their glory.  Don’t make your beds.  Tear up the couch cushions.  Build a fort. Sometimes the best and most imaginative projects take more than a day to come together.

If you feel better when the house is tidy, maybe you can concede a spot in the house where kids can get messy. Our dining room table only sees fancy dinners a few times a year. The rest of the time, I’m happy to throw a cloth over and let it be craft/project/messy play central.

Rule the Playground



Do the other parents at the playground get you down with all their rules and micromanaging?  Now is the perfect time to visit a playground and have your run of the entire place.  The kids can run, scream like banshees, and go up the slide to their hearts’ content.  Even the most boring of playgrounds turns into something magical when it’s covered in snow or ice.



After I read  The Art of Roughhousing I realized how much kids need rough and tumble play.  It’s especially important in the winter, when they aren’t able to burn off steam outside.  Pillow fights are easy, and we’ve had tons of fun launching little bodies onto the couch. Now, I’m not crazy with letting kids have full run of the house, and I don’t want my lamps getting broken any more than you do. Instead of banning rough play, consider leaving a room or a space in your house where that kind of play is okay. For us it’s the basement, but perhaps you have a rec room or a spare bedroom that would work. Whenever the kids start to get stir-crazy with their Nerf wars or ninja moves, I don’t have to say no. Instead I can just redirect them to a safe area to play rough.

How do you keep the kids moving and having fun on snow days and winter weekends?


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